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Discussion in '2013 KITH' started by Mythtaken, Jan 17, 2013.

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    This the the first Canadian Knifemaker KITH (Knife in the hat). Here you'll find the project threads from all the participants, taking you from design to finished knife.

    What's a KITH?

    A KITH is a group project build. participants decide on a knife they will build. It can be completely open, but more often the group sets parameters on things like the type of knife, the size, and how much each maker can spend on it. Each participating maker creates the knife to the best of his/her abilities . When the projects are complete, the makers' names go into a hat and a random drawing determines who receives who's knife. It isn't a contest or competition. Knifemakers of any skill level can participate. A KITH is all about fostering friendship and sharing your work with other knifemakers.

    Who's participating?

    This year's KITH includes the following participants:

    • Grayzer
    • Mythtaken
    • Rob W
    • Mike the Viking
    • Shadman
    • Ninjamaster
    • Metal 99
    • Jag
    • Brad
    • Greg
    • Icho
    • Jim T

    What's the project?

    Theme - everyday carry (EDC) with a maximum overall length of 7'' (178mm)
    Style - Scandinavian (traditional or the maker's interpretation)
    Steel - up to the maker
    Handle material - up to the maker
    Sheath - optional (but preferred)

    What's the time frame?

    The KITH officially begins January 15 2013. All knives must be completed by March 31 2013
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