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Water Soluble Quenchants

Discussion in 'Heat Treating' started by AdamL, Feb 2, 2020.

  1. AdamL

    AdamL New Member

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    The passed week I've been talking to a Can-Four rep regarding what quenchants they carry. For oils they have Houghto-k in 20L pails, but I was quite interested in their water soluble quenchants to prevent flare ups and reduce smoking. Anyone have any experience with these? I'm specifically looking at Houghton's Aquaquench 365H.

  2. Griff

    Griff Active Member

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    Hey Adam, I didn’t know much about Houghtons Aquaquench line of products until catching up on the Knife Making Down Under podcast and in Episode 06. But this was designated Aquaquench 251, so not sure if it’s the same.

    Basically this stuff is an additive mixed with water, and you make a quenchant hybrid, that would be good for steels like W2, where a straight water quench is too risky. Kev from KevsForge said he was having success using a quench combination of Aquaquench/Water for a few seconds, and from there into Houghton K quench.

    If Aquaquench 365H is a premixed quenchant and not an additive it would be a totally different animal. The only thing I can say that is very positive about these types of (for lack of a better term) Waterborne quenchants is how makers comment on how clean your work comes out of them. No oil based schmutz!
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