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Thong Tube

Discussion in 'Fit & Finish' started by Jamesmp, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. Jamesmp

    Jamesmp New Member

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    Hi. I'm very new to knife making and thought I'd start with a knife blank to get my foot in the door. I purchased a Helle Utvaer blank and it seems that the holes in the tang are an odd size. In between 17/64" and 9/32". I'm guessing they're 7mm. I wanted to use tubes in the handle cause that's how it comes from factory and to also attach a wrist loop but I'm having trouble finding any tubes that size. Perhaps I'm to ignorant and just don't no enough about the process. Can anyone steer me in the right direction?
  2. John Noon

    John Noon Well-Known Member

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    These would be all metric holes so the closest you will find in Canada or the States is a 1/4" lanyard tube which will be roughly 6.4mm giving you 0.3mm clearance all the way around. A liberal coating of epoxy should provide a good bond.
  3. LeclairKnives

    LeclairKnives Active Member

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    Yes 1/4" tube and flare the tube or just epoxy
  4. Grahamm

    Grahamm Active Member

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    Is the blank already hardened? Not sure as I've never used a kit but if not you could consider drilling it out to a more standard size.

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