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Swivel Knife Blades

Discussion in 'Sheaths & Other Leather Projects' started by John Noon, Apr 16, 2019.

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    Been experimenting with hollow ground blades on a swivel knife and so far I really like them. Far less cutting resistance when compared to a regular blade.

    Also easy enough to grind you own if you have a small wheel attachment and want to experiment or you can get the Barry King version which is well known for quality.
    For Keeping the edge well honed I made a leather strap for a 2" drum sander attachment for my cordless drill.

    I also have these available if you prefer purchasing and saving some time.

    Barry King Tools - Swivel Knife Blades
    Powered Strop - Run it slow

    My version in case I did not like it the blade could be saved

    Trying a new burnishing technique

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