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Skinner Pouch Sheaths / Effect Of Stitching Color

Discussion in 'Sheaths & Other Leather Projects' started by Eric Fisher, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Eric Fisher

    Eric Fisher Active Member

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    Follow up to my previous post.

    Finished up the order of custom skinner pouch sheaths. Couple carved and a couple plain. All with different color stitching.

    Carved sheathed are antiqued before final finish coat is applied. Thread color can make a big difference in how the leather dye color is perceived (at least to my eye). From top to bottom, thread colors are dark brown, emerald green, olive green and natural.




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  2. Kevin MacPherson

    Kevin MacPherson Member

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    This order of sheaths that Eric show's above was for me. I want to share how happy I am with these sheaths. Eric made the process easy. I sent him couple of pictures of my skinner with a tape measure beside showing the various dimensions. Eric then creates the sheath in Cad and builds the sheaths from the drawing. A couple of these he hand tooled the leather to create the fish bone design. The sheaths fit perfect and the quality is exceptional and at a very reasonable price. Don't hesitate to contact Eric for any sheath requirements...you won't be disappointed.
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