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Simple Redneck Etch

Discussion in 'Making Your Mark' started by Olivier L'Heureux, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. Olivier L'Heureux

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    Hi there !

    I've seen a lot of methods to etch a blade (lots of topics too)
    Rigth now, waiting to have the budget to buy stencil and electrolyte, i'm doing my mark with salted water, nail polish and a 9v battery

    it... kinda works : it is deep enough to last, but also a bit messy.


    But i'm looking to maybe do some more elaborate etching, so I could really use a tip or two from someone who have done etching MacGyver style

    Especially to "scratch" nail polish... any particular technique? other than just applying it while avoiding the areas you want to etch ?

    Thanks a lot!
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