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Rip Custom Bowie Sheath

Discussion in 'Sheaths & Other Leather Projects' started by Eric Fisher, Feb 10, 2020.

  1. Eric Fisher

    Eric Fisher Active Member

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    Finished custom bowie sheath.
    Blade is hand forged, layers damascus steel, by www.ripcustomknives.com. 12.5" blade.
    Antique chocolate water buffalo leather.
    Hand carved reaper applique.
    Laser etched RIP logo with a few extra skulls added.
    Stitched on my heavy stitcher sewing machine through leather thickness 5/8" (15 mm) leather thickness.





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  2. Putterer

    Putterer New Member

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    Hi Eric. I haven't been on the site much this year as my work went bonkers with COVID. I just stumbled across this post. Nice work on the sheath. I like the look of the antique water buffalo leather. The jury is out for me on the laser etching, but your main skull is very impressive and cool. :) It matches the look of the big bowie. Great job.


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