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Recent Work

Discussion in 'Folders' started by Paul Mason, Jul 5, 2016.

  1. Paul Mason

    Paul Mason Member

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    Hi all,

    Here`s a couple i finished recently

    Small saddle horn and Gents No8




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  2. Icho-

    Icho- Staff Member

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    I really like both but my favorite is the top one only because I usually prefer darker scales.
  3. bobbybirds

    bobbybirds Active Member

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    Love them both Paul!! The saddle horn is fantastic of course, and that colour looks insane! I am really starting to grow an appreciation for some of the synthetic scale material, but I have to say I am absolutely smitten by the warmer, softer look and feel of the natural stuff like the bone of that gents knife! Bravo all around!!

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