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Random Acts Of Blobbery

Discussion in 'Sheaths & Other Leather Projects' started by dancom, Mar 29, 2019.

  1. dancom

    dancom Dust Maker Best Shop Tool

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    Making a sheath for the CP27. It will be a very basic fold-over, no tooling and nothing too far out of my comfort zone. I did want to create a mottled or burl-like effect on the leather.

    Here's a hand drawn paper template and a scrap of tanned leather, about 10 oz.

    I went with medium brown artificial sinew and stitched 'er up then soaked in clean water.

    After wet forming I went with three dyes: tan, medium brown and USMC black. This is where the random blobbery came in. Using some crumpled paper towels and an artist's brush I tried to get the colours close to the ironwood handle.

    It looks kind of like burl. Which was the idea.

    A picture of the two at my desk at work. I am hoping the leather will get a little darker as I oil it up. I will give it some oiling and buff this weekend.

    Happy making!

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  2. Toby Schmid

    Toby Schmid New Member

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    Beautiful - just like burl
  3. Wishalot

    Wishalot New Member

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    The sheath looks great Dan.

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