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Quick Question About Propane Tank Forges!!

Discussion in 'Forges, Ovens, Kilns, & Salt Pots' started by Shadnuke, May 13, 2016.

  1. Shadnuke

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    I have a couple of old propane tanks that I am going to turn into forges. I'm going to build the burners and everything to go with it. I should be able to keep costs to a minimum using a couple designs I have found floating around on the web. I was wondering if anyone is possibly looking to purchase one? If I can keep costs down by using old recycled tanks, I would consider possibly making a few to sell. I think the only real downside to the whole deal would be shipping. Depending on how I decide to go on the refractory front. Now depending on my total costs, I should be able to keep things at an affordable price.

    Let me know if anyone would be interested. I am now in Medicine Hat Alberta, so keep that in mind if you decide you like the idea, but are across the country when shipping hahaha

    ShadNuke .k.a. Kevin

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