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Progress Shot - Fail

Discussion in 'Fixed Blades' started by John Noon, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. John Noon

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    Been a interesting couple months, couple AEB-L fillet knives did not harden (clay wrapped) and all six warped like potato chips. Sticking foil might have done in a couple of them.

    broke a skinning knife trying to straighten it. started out straight and warped as I was grinding which was entertaining.
    Spent a couple days sanding a knife mostly by hand in hopes the little specks that look like a decarburized layer would be removed and instead they got worse.
    The guilty party

    and this is what I ended up with :poop

    Might come off if I put a cutting edge on it but then I may end up with a junk knife so into the recycle bin it goes.
    Going to try and re-heat treat a couple fillet knives and see it they come out straighter this time without using foil just Condursal.
    And will cut out another knife later today out of another piece of 154CM I have on hand and with any luck I may get it finished.
    Have good news on the Kydex front, a manufacturer in the States is willing to let me buy bulk at wholesale prices :)
    Just have to send color list and thicknesses, think of 0.08" and 0.06" in black, brown, green, and tan (coyote) Now just waiting for warm weather so I can build shelves in the boat shed for storage.

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