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Press Build...finished

Discussion in 'Other Tools' started by Tom Stegner, Jul 22, 2020.

  1. Tom Stegner

    Tom Stegner Member

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    Hi guys, I said I'd do it...and I did it. And to my amazement...it actually works. I'd like to thank those that gave me some input. In the end I applied the kiss method. ( keep it simple stupid ) It has been quite the learning experience and I can say it works but I haven't actually tried it on a piece of hot steel yet. But soon.
    I have 8 1/4 inches between these dies and the ram travels at approx. 2 inches per second. It is powered by a 5 hp motor with 3480 rpm and that is hooked up to a 11 gpm pump. The pump I got shipped from the states and it is designed to work with a 5 hp motor at 3500 rpm. I'm close. The control arm is to big for this but it's the only one princess auto had at the time that would fit my needs that didn't have kick-off on it. The guy was nice enough to knock $100 off of the list price so I took it. The cylinder is a 5 inch bore, 10 inch stroke thing that will put out 50,000 lbs of pressure at 2500 psi. The default cut out on the control arm is set at 2100 psi. I can change it simply enough but I want to see first if I need to. I will estimate around 41,000 lbs of pressure at what I have it set at now with the slightly lower rpm of the motor. Mind you, I'm just guesstimating. I have 4 other plates for dies to get attached to and the plates are 6 inch X 6 inch square so that I can turn them 90 degrees and use them that way as well. I have cleaned my garage and now I need some propane. There was a little bit of a feast and celebration after I finished it. Even my wife was impressed!
  2. dancom

    dancom Dust Maker Legend Member

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    Looks really good Tom. Go big or go home eh? Sweet!
  3. Griff

    Griff Active Member

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    Beauty! Well done. There will be some Damascus and San-Mai billets available for forum members soon I guess...:D haha.

    Looking forward to seeing what you make with it Tom.

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