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Paracord Stitching Option

Discussion in 'Sheaths & Other Leather Projects' started by Eric Fisher, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. Eric Fisher

    Eric Fisher Active Member

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    My brother carries an old Gerber machete while doing silviculture work thinning forested land to promote healthy new growth.
    The nylon sheath finally gave out so he asked me slap something together.
    Couldn't just slap something together so I made a real sheath and since I have been using 550 para-cord on some projects I used for hunter orange for stitching and a lanyard so he can find it when he sets it down in the woods. He had been tying a piece a surveyors tape to the handle.
    I've used the paracord on smaller sheaths as well. It's can be a good choice for the right type of project.

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  2. Kevin MacPherson

    Kevin MacPherson Member

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    Looks great Eric! Nice job.
  3. parker

    parker Active Member

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    Neat idea. Looks good

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