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Online Sales Space

Discussion in 'Canadian Suppliers' started by John Noon, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. John Noon

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    The Canadian Artisan page is set up for all Canadian Craftsmen and part of this is going to be having a sales page on my web site along with Biography, social media buttons and a shopping cart.

    Craftsmen and Women who participate will also receive a discount on all goods I sell and in order to make this beneficial to all participants there is a group buying page where suggestions for new items or ongoing bulk purchases waiting for enough people to participate.

    When bulk orders are received everyone gets contacted by email and given secure access to the purchase page.

    There will always be extra ordered to top up the number and anything not sold will be moved to the public shopping cart and maintained in inventory.

    My belief is by myself advertising and participants sharing their page on social media we can both benefit from increased traffic and individual craftsmen will be keeping 100% of their sales.

    I have verified with the shopping cart provider there will be zero issue selling knives or stuff related to knives.

    Please post on Canadian-Artisan or email me if you have questions or suggestions

    My current web page has sales active but nothing knife related is allowed however complete migration over to the new site will be doe before the end of the month. Before then I will have a real nice selection of leather tooling stamps you guys might want to check out. Just give me a couple days to get them all entered.

    Thank you

    John Noon

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