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Noon's Knives

Discussion in 'Canadian Suppliers' started by John Noon, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. John Noon

    John Noon Well-Known Member

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    For all knife makers I am offering a sales page and it goes like this do a little dance :)

    This is still a work in progress at this point but you provide short bio I am not typing a thousand words :p

    Pictures and prices of what you are selling

    you get a contact form or link to your PayPal , still working that out but with the new provider I am setting up this should work.

    Trying not to go through my bank unless I have too, government will think it is my income.

    Then you share your page on Social Media if you have it.
    No charge for this always the first question, the intent is to use your Facebook page like you normally would but link sales off site to keep out of Facebook jail.

    From All this I will hopefully get more visitors to the site and sales in the long run. plus people will likely look around at other craftsman so we should all benefit from each others traffic.

    With the new provider people who register from this site and or have a craftsman page will receive an automatic discount on their purchases. Some larger items maybe only 5% but for the most part I think 10%

    looking for:
    Leather workers and Sheath Makers
    Knife Makers
    Anyone who will provide wholesale prices for knife making stuff like stabilized woods
    Jig makers and assorted clamping affairs.
    Supplier for Steels like A2, D2 and a couple high end stainless but that has been going very slowly due to exclusive distribution rights suppliers have arranged with several retailers.

    Even VFD from KB electronics are limited to one company with several offices so will be looking for another company.
    Looking into bench mounted hardness testers like the $800 unit available from Grizzly but the Manufacturer's quote is a little over $2000 USD delivered to Manitoba.

    If you have something to sell related to the leather or knife stuff and I did not list it post here or on my suggestion page.
    Oh yea I have a "Vote for next weeks sales form" on front page, thought people would enjoy picking the next sales item.

    There is a group buy page where you can join a group buy or suggest one. For new ones I will locate a supplier and get a wholesale account if available if not there is usually a price break at 10 50 or 100 items and we try and get that amount.

    The Facebook group associated with all this is https://www.facebook.com/canadianartisan/ anyone is free to join. This is the account I use to promote the web site and non knife items.

    Something similar has been mentioned before about having a knife makers sales page for Canadians so hopefully people join in.
    I have over a hundred little and medium sized tins coming in this week as well and looks like I can price match the supplier and only a $2 shipping charge or less if the envelopes get through the post office slot for letters.

    Would like to have Pre-made kits as well with the cans which will be a sheath option or available
    hooks and line or something to that effect

    There will be Sheath making kits for both Kydex and Leather at some point. This should save you some money and space in the long run.
    Once moved to the new site there will be a drop down list of options for screws, rivets and belt loops.

    This weekend there will be embossed leather pieces for sale each large enough to do a knife insert panel.

    fire steel
    hooks and line
    or something to that effect

    For the guys who sell lots of knives and need to save some time one of my accounts will use your sheath template and cut all your sheaths out and ship to you. Everyone will be identical and can include holes for hand stitching or snaps.

    same goes for the knife steel, still trying to work out that deal but the idea is you buy the steel and they cutout the shapes and deliver to you. One of those a high volume is needed to get a good price arranged.

    Web site is Noon's Knives
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  2. ToddR

    ToddR Putterer, Tinkerer, Waster of Time Staff Member

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    John, this is a very cool thing you're doing. I don't have too much time lately to be in the shop but I would definitely visit and likely buy supplies. Finding a good supplier can be very frustrating in this hobby. One day, when i learn how to make them faster or invent a time machine maybe, i may make knives fast enough to consider selling them. I love the idea of offering jigs too. I'm a big jig user. I try to make them but i have problems conceptualizing what i need.
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  3. John Noon

    John Noon Well-Known Member

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    That last site was having issues so I have gone with a much better provider and this time Paypal is set up for purchases

  4. John Noon

    John Noon Well-Known Member

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    New site seems to be working, when registering put in your business name plus "canadianknifemaker.ca" and get an immediate 5% discount. post here or email if you want to purchase immediately with discount as I have been know to spend time in the shop
  5. John Noon

    John Noon Well-Known Member

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    when registering please fill out business name as "canadianknifemaker.ca" so I know which file to put you in, and no not file 13 :p

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