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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by carbide243, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. carbide243

    carbide243 New Member

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    hello and help!!!! I am a new member and am wondering if the Canadian knifemaker is a parent guild to the Saskatchewan guild and if so may I get contact directions.thanks inadvance for any and all help cant wait to get started!!!!!!
  2. Grayzer86

    Grayzer86 Active Member

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    They are separate guilds as far as i know, and i am a member. I assume you must be located in Sask, may I ask where? I am located in Moosomin. I have contact info for all of the guys but wont post it here in full public view. I will shoot you a PM with the contact info now.
  3. Jim T

    Jim T Active Member

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    Hi Carbide and welcome! There are a number of knife enthusiasts participating on this forum who are also members of the Saskatchewan Knifemakers Guild (right Forge?). You can probably use this forum to ask them for some help or you can contact the Saskatchewan Knifemakers Guild directly. Len Meeres, who is both a director of that organization as well as the Treasurer and editor of their newsletter is usually the one I send my inquiries to: lmeeres@accesscomm.ca

    You might also be interested in checking out the Western Canada Knife Association, another great organization. Here's their website link: http://wcka.org/

    I'm an Albertan myself, but I'm a member of both organizations.

    Jim T
  4. Mythtaken

    Mythtaken Staff Member CKM Staff

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    Welcome to the forums, @carbide243

    And just to clarify, this site isn't attached to either the Sask Knifemakers Guild or the Canadian Knifemakers Guild, though we have members of both here. We do provide space for any knife maker associations across Canada who want to post news and information -- see the bottom of the main page.

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