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New elements--wow!

Discussion in 'Forges, Ovens, Kilns, & Salt Pots' started by dancom, Jul 12, 2014.

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    I bought a pound of Kanthal A1 (PSH in Oakville, thanks Jay!) and wound new elements for my electric kiln/oven. My oh my what a difference new wire makes. It gets up to temp about 2 times faster than the olden ones. My understanding is that the wire deteriorates over time and eventually fails. I thought it was slowing down, but had no idea by how much.

    So if you want to give your oven some new kick, look into replacing the elements. I treated 3 knives @ 1060°C, w/15 minute soaks ... in 2 hours! (Each had their own soak.) What once was a super time consuming process is only a time consuming process now. :)


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