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My Second Blade

Discussion in 'Fixed Blades' started by Big Bear, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. Big Bear

    Big Bear New Member

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    Thought I'd put up a few pics of my second completed blade. This one is meant to be a camp chopper with a beefy 3/16" O1, 7.5" blade with a saber (?) grind. Hard to tell in the pic but there's a short, blunt swedge that I though would help for piercing functions. The scales are buffed bubinga with a 45 Colt case head embedded on either side. Kinda has a cowboy feel to it that I like. Had fun making it. If I made another I think i would give a bit more of a downward angle to the handle for a more relaxed wrist position. Might also give the blade a bit of a belly for some added weight out front.

    Thanks for looking and as always, comments and constructive criticism are welcome.

    (the coin is just for scale)


  2. dancom

    dancom Dust Maker

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    Now that's a knife/hatchet/oil drum opener. Love the 45 casings set in the scales.
    At 7-1/2" blade of 3/16" has got to have some heft to it. Splitting kindling no problem.
  3. Foster J

    Foster J Active Member

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    Number 2. Well done.

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