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Movie Props

Discussion in 'Other Projects' started by PeterP, Feb 11, 2020.

  1. PeterP

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    Hey Boys and Girls! its has been a while since I have posted here....simple reason is I still haven't had the chance to restock my shop with tools since I sold them last winter in order to survive. But on the bright side here is a fun story I want to share with you....since this winters lay off from work I have been digging out old knives and stuff that I made but never put up for sale. I recently posted adds on kijiji in order to sell 6 folding knives that where made last year, the all so famous tombstone knife / cleaver and a couple of zombie trench clubs that I recently made...( im bored what can I say) today I get a hit that someone is interested in all of it! thinking yeah right...this is some kid pulling my chain. nopes...its all real , this lady shows up at the door money in hand and grabs all of it. here I am scratching my head in confusion, she probably noticed it and said, your probably wondering why I want this....turns out she is the set designer for the series SEE on apple tv, they are shooting season two in the GTA and Hamilton area, and my stuff is perfect for set prop and possibly screen use. Main actor is Jason Momoa!
    here is a picture of the clubs and cleaver rusted out. Who knows, maybe found a new calling! ;)
    [​IMG]20200211_200616[/url] by Pierre Patenaude, on Flickr[/IMG]
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  2. Griff

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    Very cool Peter. Jason Mamoa is a patron of handmade knives too. If you don’t follow Josh Scott Knives (@joshscottknives) on Instagram you should check out his very cool story of meeting Jason Mamoa recently and having the opportunity to hang out with him and make him a bunch of knives.

    I hope he does get to SEE your work (SEE what I did there...twice...lol)!

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