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Milwaukee Fastback

Discussion in 'Folders' started by Coryh, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. Coryh

    Coryh New Member

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    Hey guys I'm new here. Been into collecting knIves for the last year or so and recently started messing around and tweaking on them. I've found that the miluakee fastback sold at home depot is a good cheap platform to fishfeathers around with. I've bought several and broke a few teaching myself things. But I think I've finally got one that's gunna work annnnd be pretty. I can't disclose everything that's been done to it as it could get me in some trouble with Johnny law but I've essentially scrapped everything but the liners and blade. I've made walnut scales for it custom hardware. Brass or blue anodized standoffs. Haven't decided yet. And increased the size and strength of all the hardware to prevent stripping of heads n such. Was just saying hello to the forum and wondered if anybody else had toyed with this knife or done similar things to other budget friendly knives. Post you pics.
  2. Mythtaken

    Mythtaken Staff Member CKM Staff

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    Welcome to the forums.
    Tearing down cheap folders is a good way to get an understanding of how they work and makes an affordable learning platform for when you start making your own.

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