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Metal Supplier In Ottawa

Discussion in 'Steel, Hardware, & Handle Material' started by Timmer377, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Timmer377

    Timmer377 New Member

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    Hi folks.. I was in Metal Pros on Sheffield road picking up O1 in Ottawa and they are now starting to bring in 440C stainless in addition to their O1 tool steel and 1095. The guys behind the counter indicated to me that they would like to better support the knife making community and would be happy to bring in other steels.. they just need to know what and in what dimensions..

    Just though folks might want to know.
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  2. ToddR

    ToddR Putterer, Tinkerer, Waster of Time Staff Member

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    Cool, good info. Do you always pick it up or do they ship too? Always looking for a more reasonable shipping rate. : )

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