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Lotsa knifemakers at my museum!

Discussion in 'Knife Shows & Events' started by Jim T, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. Jim T

    Jim T Active Member

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    Well, the 3rd annual Metal Art Show and Sale came to an end last Sunday after a busy and successful weekend. This is an event held at the Reynolds-Alberta Museum in Wetaskiwin, Alberta each September.

    This year, amongst the blacksmith artists, metal sculptors, precious metal jewelry makers and artistic metal engravers, were knifemakers from all over western Canada. Indeed, over one third of the 45 exhibitors were custom knifemakers and they loaded their tables with hundreds of beautiful knives.

    The knifemakers in attendance this year were Clare Broeksma, Irv Brunas, Robert Campenot, Wayne Hamilton, Roger Hatt, Cal Heinrich, Gerry Kievit, Greg Lightfoot, Vern Lynes, Allen and Susan Neal, Morris Nesdole, Rod Olson, Ed Storch, Larry Strandquist, and Garth Thompson.

    Ed Storch sneaks a quick snack. Yep, I caught him with his mouth full.

    From left to right, knifemakers Roger Hatt, Allen Neal and Gerry Kievit show off thier creations to visitors at the Reynolds-Alberta Museum.

    Morris Nesdole, Clare Broeksma and Wayne Hamilton all had great displays and lotsa knives!

    A really interestiing "bee stinger" made by Garth Thompson. He said the blade is a magnified version of the stinger on a bee. The guard is hand cut and shaped to give the impression of the bee's wings.

    One of the many pieces of eye candy on display at Rod Olson's table. There's a reason why my wife won't let me take my wallet to work on this weekend!

    Knifemakers Larry Strandquist (foreground) and Cal Heinrich (backgrond) delighted in the show-and-tell-and-also-sell concept of the Metal Art Show and Sale.

    Some beauties created by Roger Hatt. Truly gorgeous art knives, engraved and colour scrimmed.

    I took a lot of pictures this past weekend. Wish I would have taken some knives home as well. What a terrific weekend! Knifemakers are such a precocious bunch!

    Anyway, just wanted to give you a quick glimpse of what last weekend looked like for me. I'm already scheming on how I can get more knifemakers to next year's Metal Art Show and Sale. Stay tuned...

    Jim T
  2. dancom

    dancom Dust Maker Legend Member

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    Great photos Jim!

    I really liked the humour in the band-aids scatted about Cal's table. :)
  3. donnymac250

    donnymac250 Member

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    nice knives . roger sure has some nice knives , roger was the first guy to show me how to make a knife .thanks to jim clow for setting that up for me . great guys.

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