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Leather Working Stuff

Discussion in 'Canadian Suppliers' started by John Noon, Mar 26, 2018.

  1. John Noon

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    I am ordering from a couple suppliers this week for stock to put up on my web page.

    should have GS 6-6 and GS 8-9 Eyelets in black and brass
    8 ounce blocks of Beeswax, or 1-2 ounce if preferred
    line 24 snaps in black, can also get line 20 which are smaller
    Patterns for knife pouches and sheaths
    Chicago screw company fasteners in a couple sizes.
    Leather stamps from Bulgaria in particular the Dragon scale set of 6 along with others. With shipping to Canada being $40 from 1 to 100 stamps you can get just one or two and save a pile on shipping.

    Firesteel fire starter rods without handles. this way you can use the knife handle material for a matching set.

    Other suggestions I have had are:
    12x12 vegetable tan leather for making a single sheath along with 2 needles and thread. Like a Tandy kit but simplified. Can include a snap or two or the Sam Browne screw back post fasteners.

    A2 tool steel in 3/32" and 1/8" thickness

    Plan to carry the stuff that is not typically carried by others. May not get rich but will get others access to stuff normally only available from US sites.

    Site is not finished just yet so shopping cart is not available. But if there are particular things you find hard to get email me and I will see what I can do about getting it.

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