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Knife #4 Underway. First Solo Design!

Discussion in 'Fixed Blades' started by bobbybirds, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. bobbybirds

    bobbybirds Active Member

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    Hi Guys,

    Just looking for a little feedback on knife number 4. This is my first foray into design as I drew this one out from scratch myself without copying directly off of any makers specific design although I do imagine most designs are going to resemble other makers efforts, especially with more traditional styles.

    Basically I wanted to do a rendition of a bird and trout knife. My research seems to indicate that proper design relies on a lighter weight, slimmer type design with a blade smaller than 3 inches in length. This is what I have come up with. So far I have ground the shape and blade profile. In this picture I have indicated a 2 pin placement for the handle, although I am considering a 3 pin as I do like the look, using 1/8th inch stainless pins. The overall length is just a hair under 7 inches, and the blade is 2 7/8th from tip to plunge line.

    I have epoxied up some figured walnut that I soaked for 24 hrs in some Pentacryl wood stabilizer, with some darker, burnt orange coloured spacer material and was planning on using that for the scales, although I have just lucked into a gift from a friend of a bunch of bits and pieces of different figured woods so I am pondering changing up my idea, but really, I do love the walnut and think I might just go with it since it was my initial instinct.

    Anyways, here is a pic of the blade. I would love a bit of feedback. Did my idea of a bird and trout knife hit the mark (up to this point anyways)?

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  2. dancom

    dancom Dust Maker

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    I think it will be a good bird & trout. The proportions look right and nice roundish handle would give it great usability. This design could quite easily be a paring knife too. Something I always use in the kitchen; smallish handle, nice thin blade and sharp point to insert into fruits & veggies.

    If you use the figured walnut, make sure to rough it up good with 60 or 80 grit before epoxying. I believe Pentacryl has silicone in it.

    Look forward to seeing how it turns out.

  3. John Noon

    John Noon Well-Known Member

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    Should work for trappers for food and fur, trophies or stuffing will require a smaller knife for details. Think X-acto blade for size and shape.

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