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Kirinite Handle

Discussion in 'Steel, Hardware, & Handle Material' started by jeff, Nov 27, 2017.

  1. jeff

    jeff New Member

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    hello all has anyone used kirinite for handle scales. is it tough like micarta or is it brittle any feedback would be appreciated. want to use it on a heavy working chopper. needs to stand up to abuse.
  2. Kevin Cox

    Kevin Cox KC knives

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    I use lots of it . Just look at some of the post I put on here.
    First it’s not as tuff as G10 or micarta but it’s not brittle by a long shot. If I was going to use it on a big chopper I would use corby rivets and a good glue . It’s sure tuff enough but not sure how tuff the glue line will be. I use g 10 for my big choppers.
    Sand up to 600 then lightly buff nice stuff. It’s a lot easier to work with than g10 or micarta.
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