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Happy father's day!!!

Discussion in 'Other Projects' started by stevebates, Jun 15, 2014.

  1. stevebates

    stevebates Active Member

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    Happy Fathers Day everyone..... I figured I would take a break from knives this weekend and instead made a sheath to aid me in my Father's Day weekend!!! It really did come in handy ;)
  2. Grayzer86

    Grayzer86 Active Member

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    Love that man. I'm gonna need one of those for the long weekend camping trip coming up. In all seriousness, novelty combined with craftsmanship sells and you could probably sell a few of those. Hops Holster? Maybe a multiple-beer unit called the barley bandolier? Now I'm just being stupid. But hey, the way tactical crap sells now I'm sure there is a market for kydex tactical barley based hydration carriers with a tek-Lok haha.
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  3. Foster J

    Foster J Active Member

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    Cool Steve!

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