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Hammer-in - Project Idea - Forge Welded Camp Axe

Discussion in 'Working the Steel' started by doublehelix1, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. doublehelix1

    doublehelix1 New Member

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    Looking for some feedback from the enlightened bladsmiths with some axe building experience.

    Im looking to use 3/8" 5160 barstock thats been folded in half and forge welded (making a 3/4" billet). My concern is the weld failing when the hole is drifted (as I would essentially be drifting a hole along the weld line).

    I want to use this method so the poll of the axe has more meat than just the barstock thickness.

    Any input is useful. Please keep in mind that I'm looking to create an axe not a tomahawk.
  2. Rob W

    Rob W Active Member

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    You'll know right away how good your weld was......

    I use a rail spike to start my drift......

    Lots of heats will be essential , my first couple failed miserably because I kept drifting when I should have been
    re-heating , see if I can find some pics

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