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First Time Forge Designs

Discussion in 'Forges, Ovens, Kilns, & Salt Pots' started by YoungGun96, Feb 14, 2019.

  1. YoungGun96

    YoungGun96 New Member

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    Hey everyone, I'm looking at building my first ever forge for basic heat treating and forging small knives. My question is, what size would be the best for someone starting out? I have some 11.5" light-wall steel tubing I could use (would be about 12" long), would this be too big and a waste of space to heat? Inside would be covered in 2" kaowool plus boiler bricks on the bottom.
  2. dancom

    dancom Dust Maker

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    Mine is made from an old air compressor tank, If I recall correctly it was close to 10" diameter, minus the ceramic blanket and cement leaves with a about 6" inside. I put a hard fire brick for a shelf so the area is a little smaller. So about 6" x 14". What size you need really depends on what you plan on doing. If you are making folder blades it's probably on the big size. But I've put bigger stuff in there and was glad to have a little extra space. Think hammer head or hatchet blade. Feather Damascus billets require a larger opening and a vertical forge works best for this.

    I have two burners. Here's what I do to save fuel. I have shaped a piece of K23 (soft) firebrick that I slide in to reduce the chamber size. When working on small stuff I only use the front of the forge and the front burner.


  3. Shadnuke

    Shadnuke Disabled dreamer...

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    I guess it depends on how big you want to go. I just use a 2 brick forge with a little 30k burner from Atlas Forge. It got too cold, too quickly for me to be able to give it a proper go, but it did fire up and get nice and hot, really quick! I just used that cheap angle iron, the stuff with the holes in it from Canadian Tire and a little bit of welding to hold it all together. Once it warms up, I'm gonna make some changes to my design, and make it a little more streamlined than it is now!

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