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First Honesuki Kitchen Knife

Discussion in 'Fixed Blades' started by PeterP, Nov 25, 2016.

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    Hi Guys, well after being out of the shop for a few months due to all sorts of projects, and work.
    I am please to say that I have officially removed all cobwebs from my shop and have started on my first knife! :D
    Decided to pick up where I left off ....so naturally lets start with a completely different style, ...my first Honesuki kitchen knife....with a few twist....
    First for comfort I decided to make a deep finger groove
    second, decided to make a granton edge, not the easiest thing to do free hand with a dremel but turned out ok, don't know if they will be effective yet.
    next little bit of styling, a free hand bamboo engraving to add to the Asian style of knife.
    close up of the bamboo engraving.
    Hoping that after the heat treat the outline will pop a lot more.
    still have a lot more to do....keep you guys posted.
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