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Finally Straight Aebl

Discussion in 'Working the Steel' started by Scott Kozub, Nov 25, 2021.

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    I heat treated 4 knives on the weekend all in 0.1" AEBL. I did something different that seemed to work.

    1. I drilled and taped 4 holes in my quench plates. They're 1" thick by 15" by 4" aluminum.
    2. The knife goes in the plates and are squeezed by a wood working vice.
    3. I use an impact to crank down the bolts.
    4. Now that everything is tight I move the plates to a bucket of ice water for a few minutes.
    5. Then I removed the knives from the plates and cut them out of the foil.
    6. Into the liquid nitrogen.

    Every single knife came out dead straight. I have always had some bend to deal with.

    The knives were all 7" chefs 0.1" thick. I used to use compressed air when in the vice but this was way better.

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