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Fillet Knife Steel

Discussion in 'Steel, Hardware, & Handle Material' started by Blackbear74, Nov 11, 2018.

  1. Blackbear74

    Blackbear74 New Member

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    I'm wondering if old file would be suitable steel for a fillet knife. Most fillet knives that I've used are very flexible and ground very thin, but I'm unsure if the file will fit the bill or will it be too brittle to flex. Maybe I can temper it back more after the heat treat to allow more flexibility without a chance of breaking.

    Anybody with any sugesstions?
  2. FORGE

    FORGE Active Member

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    440C, ATS 34 , RWL34 are all good steels for filleting knives . I have made filleting knives from all of them and they will flex 90 degrees if thin enough.
  3. dancom

    dancom Dust Maker Legend Member

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    I am making one now out of 0.070" AEB-L.

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