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Feel Free To Laugh At My Expense!

Discussion in 'Milling, Drilling, & Cutting' started by Scott Kozub, May 15, 2021.

  1. Scott Kozub

    Scott Kozub Active Member

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    I was recently working on whack of orders. I decided to rebuild my oven in the middle of it. Was cutting the angle iron and thought this blade better last or I'm screwed. Sure enough it snapped a minute later. I had an old blade kicking around that I only tried once but took it off because it sucked. I went to put it on realized the teeth were in the wrong orientation for the rotation direction which is why it didn't cut well. After checking Amazon for the quickest shipping I thought of something. The blade was inside out... if that makes sense. Had a good laugh at myself. Think I'll lay some sod tomorrow. Green side up right?
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  2. 250Gimp

    250Gimp New Member

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    Not laughing.... had stuff like that happen to me before, and it sucks.

    Green side up for sure!
  3. RussGen

    RussGen New Member

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    We learn most from our mistakes Scott. I burned through a number of those portaband blades before I realized there was a speed control and turn the speed down. Carry on dirt side down.
  4. dancom

    dancom Dust Maker

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    Certainly can see that happening.

    I had a great brain-fart moment the other day too. Cutting some beautiful wood scales and got the front and back of the scales mixed up. The three holes were not perfectly equally spaced apart and I couldn't get it do go them on the correct way after drilling. I usually rough cut them and drill the scales and put temporarily pins in and then shape and polish the fronts together.

    It's a custom alright. :) C'est la vie.
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