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Etching Electrolyte Ingredients Source List For Canada

Discussion in 'Making Your Mark' started by cuatroXcuatro, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. cuatroXcuatro

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    I'm new to etching and have ordered some stencils from erniesknives. Spoke to him on the phone an he convinced me how well his electrolyte works, he has a video on his website. It took me a while to source the ingredients so I thought I'd list them here, all available in Canada. Just ordered this list of stuff yesterday and my stencils are on their way. Have fabbed up an a/c d/c etcher from a 12v powersupply, will try it out using saltwater this weekend.

    Stainless steel activator 8 oz bottle $33.60 shipped: http://www.caswellcanada.ca/shop/stainless-steel-activator-8oz.html

    Ferrous sulfate heptahydrate they have 3 sizes I ordered 250g bottle, $30.58 shipped: https://maiwa.com/products/ferrous-sulfate-250-g-88-oz?variant=27057319041

    Citric acid powder, this can be purchased at canning and preserve stores, since I live in the country I ordered from amazon, $10:35 for 2lbs:

    Cheers, Rob
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  2. dancom

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    Thanks for this.
    I bought my "electrolyte for stainless steel" from Canadian Knifemaker Supply way long ago. I haven't seen them carrying it since, so I probably bought the last bottle. It's bright red and smells like sulfur. I feel it does make a difference in the quality of the etch. I did some experiments to compare it to salt water. The salt water, I extremely unscientifically felt, didn't work quite as well as the purpose-made electrolyte on stainless.

    Ernie's stencils have served me well over the years. Eventually they get cracked and have to be replaced, but if you keep the heat down you can brand a lot of blades with one stencil. I also, made a second order and got a bunch of different steel types (1084, 154CM, AEB-L etc.) in small text. Ernie was okay to make a couple of each to fill up the sheets. Super guy to work with.

  3. Randy Reichert

    Randy Reichert New Member

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    For stencils, I got mine from TUS Technologies. I think for a set of stencils shipped to Canada they cost me around $30 or $40. Well worth it. You just email them a picture of what you want, what size you want it and in a few days you get some wonderful stencils in the mail.
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