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Dyed And Stabilized Handles

Discussion in 'Other Projects' started by John Noon, Sep 16, 2016.

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    Had to try my hand at double dying a piece of that korinthian birch I picked up.

    To start I had dyed a bit of stabilizing resin with blue Alumilite Dye. Stood block partially submerged and pulled a vacuum about 3/4 of full let it sit and repeated several times over a two hour period.
    Released vacuum and left the wood standing in resin overnight.

    Wiped the block down and cooked for a couple of hours, Sanded all surfaces after the block returned to room temperature.

    Fully submerged in resin that had been dyed red (doubled the amount of red since last attempt came out pink on Maple.
    pulled full vacuum for four hours, released vacuum and let the block soak overnight (12 hours)

    Cooked again the following day and sanded and buffed for photo.[​IMG]

    With the blue being a little light on pigment it actually turned green for the most part with hints of blue peaking through.

    Next time I think I will double up on blue pigment and let soak for three or four days so any capillary action has time to draw in more liquid.

    Have been reading and some people actually soak the blocks for up to five days for each color they use and get real vivid colors.

    Going to go slice up some 1/4" thick slabs and get these ready for a couple of fillet knives
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