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Devil Forge

Discussion in 'Forges, Ovens, Kilns, & Salt Pots' started by Dale&Cameron, Apr 26, 2021.

  1. Dale&Cameron

    Dale&Cameron New Member

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    Hi everyone!
    New to the blog here. Looking for some feedback on the Devil Forge, specifically we are considering the DFPROF2+1D GAS PROPANE FORGE to be used for heat treatment (stock removal blades). Would like to put in a square tube for indirect heating. This would be a significant upgrade from our MAP torch stacked brick setup. Long term plan is a DIY knife kiln, lots of resource here! Any feedback would be appreciated! TIA.

    Cameron & Dale
    Twin Bro Knife Co.
    Instagram: @twinbroknifeco
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  2. Joelsund

    Joelsund Active Member

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    If it's just for heat treating, id highly recommends going straight for the temp-controlled kiln. It'll likely run you less than the forge. Being in Winnipeg, you can also source pretty much everything from Sounding Stone. I built mine for just under $400cad
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  3. Nieman Knives

    Nieman Knives New Member

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    I think that is the exact forge I have, bought it just over a year ago.

    Here is the link where I bought mine on eBay.

    Truth is I haven’t used it a pile. I’ve thermocycled and hardened 6 blades with it (moved on to stainless and I send that out for HT). It’s the only forge I’ve ever used. It arrived fairly quickly considering it comes from over the pond. As a noob I realize this feedback isn’t super helpful but I can say it worked the way I expected it to and it seems to be well built.
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