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Bones (cow, Camel, Giraffe) Or Antlers Canadian Supplier.

Discussion in 'Steel, Hardware, & Handle Material' started by Fred/A, May 14, 2018.

  1. Fred/A

    Fred/A Active Member

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    everything is in the title...
    Does anyone know of a (legit) canadian supplier for bone scales or antlers who can provide on a regular basis ?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. ToddR

    ToddR Putterer, Tinkerer, Waster of Time Staff Member

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    Good question Fred. I've been looking for a few good pieces of antler. I've never made a hidden tang before (a serious one) and i was thinking that antler would be a cool look. Let me know what you find out.
  3. John Noon

    John Noon Well-Known Member

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    Not that I have found so far and local prices for antler varies from $30 to $100 a set and this is from people who pick them up off their fields.

    There is the dollar store or pet store antler and bones that is supposed to be pretty cheap

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