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Another Rabbit Hole To Go Down

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by YoungGun96, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. YoungGun96

    YoungGun96 New Member

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    Hello Everyone,

    I started out buying knives and sharpening knives for myself and others. I wouldn't say I am an expert but I'm getting pretty good at using some water stones. After a couple years of reading and watching videos I've finally decided to dive in and attempt making my own knives. Hopefully within a couple weeks I have my forge completely built and ready to go.
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  2. Bluefish

    Bluefish New Member

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    Welcome to the addiction, careful as this Rabbit hole has many other rabbit holes!
  3. dancom

    dancom Dust Maker Legend Member

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    Welcome to the forum.

    I have rabbit holes in my rabbit holes. I find myself reading metallurgy papers to fall asleep.

  4. ToddR

    ToddR Putterer, Tinkerer, Waster of Time Staff Member

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    Welcome YoungGun! This is the place to be for aspiring knifemakers. And yeah, I remember thinking "i wonder if i could make a knife?". That led to making grinders and forges and woodworking machines and jigs and once in a while... I actually make a knife. Then I go back to making a new machine for a new technique and get curious about woodcarving knives which leads to woodcarving and ... it doesn't end. So buy your wife flowers now because, it may be sometime before you emerge from the shop. : )

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