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Ambidextrous Sheath

Discussion in 'How I Made It: Tutorials' started by John Noon, Mar 6, 2016.

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    Getting a start on the how to make a sheath thread. This picture is the basic template for the first knife I used it on.
    The note stitching start and end, follow the arrows for the stitching pattern. This is all done in a single pass with one thread and two needles.
    To determine thread length lay out thread along sewing path.
    Take that length and multiply by five minimum and up to six times, thickness of leather will affect this length slightly.

    The pattern shape around the blade I trace individually for each knife so that when the welts are placed on either side of the blade it makes for a snug fit. Personally I like a sheath that will hold a knife very securely even if the retaining straps are not used.

    The welts can be from 1/2-3/4" wide, 1/2" seems to work well with this so far and the blade will have to be forced through a 1/4" of leather before cutting the threads. All stitching is done by hand and done so that it stitch gets a overhand knot.
    This will prevent unraveling of the stitching if for any reason it gets cut or worn through.

    More will be added as I work through the next sheath.

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