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Acetone Dispensing Bottle

Discussion in 'Other Tools' started by Scott Kozub, Feb 4, 2021.

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    I recently purchased a laser for doing my etching. I use nail polish to etch with. As the laser in my house, I kept stealing my wife's nail polish remover. Normally I have a big tin of it and splash it all over the place down in my barn pouring it onto rags and towels. I went to the dollar store (Dollar Tree) to be specific, and they have bottles of acetone in these cools dispensing bottles. Below is an amazon link for just the bottle. I'm pretty sure I only paid $1.25 for the bottle with acetone. It's pretty cool, pop the top open, place a cotton ball in, close and push down on the top. Acetone squirts out the top and wets the cotton bottle. No dumping or splashing acetone anywhere. And its cheap! So much easier and cleaner than the CDN Tire tins.

    Great for glue ups. Once it's dry I'll fill some with alcohol as well.

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