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$5 Fix For A 4x36" Combo Sander

Discussion in 'Other Tools' started by dancom, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. dancom

    dancom Dust Maker Legend Member

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    I found at lonely looking Mastercraft 4x36" belt sander disc combo at a garage sale for $5. The guy said it was not working but I snatched it up anyway as I was thinking of what I could do with the aluminum wheels. The motor ran and the disc turned, but the belt on the top wasn't moving. Inside a cover on the back I found a cogged rubber belt from the motor to the sander wheel. The cogs were completely stripped off.

    After a little digging to locate a part number, I found Motion Industries had them in stock. Ask for a 150XL037 from Gates or suitable replacement. Should be under $10.
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  2. Mythtaken

    Mythtaken Staff Member CKM Staff

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    Good find. You gotta love a garage sale deal that actually turns out to be a deal.

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