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Data Collection & Privacy Policy

1 Purpose

This policy document establishes guidelines and processes for the collection and retention of forum members' personally identifying information. It explains what information is collected, why it is collected, and how that information is used. This policy also covers how Canadian Knifemaker Forum complies with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for members residing in the EU.

Personally Identifying information is any information or data, which alone, or in combination with other information or data, may be used to identify a specific individual.

2 Who is it For?

This policy is for all current, past, and prospective members of Canadian Knifemaker Forum.

3 Policy

Canadian Knifemaker Forum(the site) takes all reasonable steps to ensure the privacy and security of members' personally identifying information and data collected through members' use of the site.

Canadian Knifemaker Forum complies with the GDPR requirements for the collection, retention, and deletion of EU members' personally identifying information.

Why we collect members' information

Canadian Knifemaker Forum is a membership site. While users can view parts of the site as visitors, they must register as members (create a member account) and log in with that member account in order to view the entire site, contribute content, and use many of the forum features.

Collecting and storing that account information, along with member preferences and settings, is necessary in order to provide membership service.

What information we collect

Canadian Knifemaker Forum collects only the information needed to operate the site and provide common forum features to its members. Some information and data is collected when users register as members and some is collected each time members visit the site.

During the registration process, Canadian Knifemaker Forum requires users to supply a username (member name) and a valid email address. Any other information users choose to provide, either on the registration page or in their member profile page, is at the discretion of the member.

Upon each visit to the site
Each time a member visits the site, the forum software collects:

  • information about the member's computer system, including IP address, country of origin, operating system, and browser type.
  • information about the member's activity on the site, including what pages were viewed, and the amount of time spent on the site.

This automatically collected data is stored in the forum database and the server's log files.

Canadian Knifemaker Forum makes use of cookies. Cookies are tiny files that are stored on the user's computer at the request of the site. Some cookies are sessional (i.e., they disappear once the user leaves the site or closes the browser) and some are persistent (i.e., they remain on the user's computer for an extended time.)

For more details about browser cookies, see Canadian Knifemaker Forum's Cookie Policy.

What we do with the information we collect

All information collected is used in the operation of the site or for statistical analysis and future planning.

Registration information
The username is used as part of the member's login credentials. It is also used to identify a specific member on the forum. Any content that member posts is attributed to that username.

The email address is used during the registration verification process(email addresses are submitted to third party spam protection databases) and as part of the member's login credentials. It is also used for email notifications of new posts and as a means for other members to contact them outside of the site (if those features are enabled by the member).

Visit information
The user's computer IP address and information about the browser, operating system, and country of origin are used internally in system logs and for anonymous statistical analysis. This anonymized information is shared with Google Analytics in order to provide statistical analysis reports for site planning. The data is purged every 18 months.

What we do to keep member information secure

No site can guarantee total security. However, Canadian Knifemaker Forum makes every effort to ensure the security of members' data, including:

  • collecting only the information needed to provide forum member services
  • maintaining the forum software. Ensuring updates and security patches are applied.
  • limiting access to member information by ensuring any “forum staff” account has access only to those areas required to perform their duties. Only the Forum Administrator has access to the server or forum database.
  • not sharing or selling member information or data to any third party, except where stated above.

Canadian Knifemaker Forum may disclose any or all information about a member, or posted by a member, if required by law or in connection with a legal or criminal proceeding.

3 GDPR Compliance

Although Canadian Knifemaker Forum does not provide services specifically for EU based members, the site makes every effort to comply with the GDPR.

Data Collection

The GDPR requires that processors and controllers must have a lawful basis for the collection and use of EU residents personally identifying information.

Canadian Knifemaker Forum's lawful basis for collecting data is Legitimate Interest. The forum software requires users provide a username and email address in order to provide the forum services.

Data Retention and Access

The GDPR requires that EU users must be notified about how their personally identifying information is being used, and be able, upon request, to view that data.

What user information is gathered and how it is used is detailed in the previous sections. The only personally identifying information retained is always available for members to view on their member profile pages. Members can contact a forum staff member to request corrections to any information they cannot edit themselves.


The GDPR requires that EU users have the “right to be forgotten,” meaning any personally identifying information collected by the site must be removed at the request of the user.

If an EU based member decides to terminate his or her membership with the forum, that member may request to have their personally identifying information erased. The member's account will be locked, the username and email address will be changed to generic ones, and any other fields in the user profile pages will be deleted.

The member's posted content will remain, though it will be attributed to that generic user.

The member is responsible for finding any personally identifying references in published forum posts. Upon providing a list of those references, forum staff members will make every reasonable effort to erase or anonymize those references.

Canadian Knifemaker Forum will retain a record of any leaving member account, if that member is banned or subject to any other forum disciplinary action.