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Cookie Policy

Canadian Knifemaker Forum makes use of cookies to provide forum features to it’s members. The cookies used do not collect data for the purpose of marketing or advertising. Users are able to manage the cookies sent to them by the site.

What Cookies Are

Cookies are tiny files that are stored on the user’s computer at the request of the site. Some cookies are sessional (i.e., they disappear once the user leaves the site or closes the browser) and some are persistent (i.e., they remain on the user’s computer for an extended time.) Information stored in cookies is encrypted and only readable by the site they originated from. Some cookies (sessional) are stored on your computer for a short time (i.e., only while your browser is open.) Others may be stored for an extended period of time, even years. Cookies from other sites are not accessible by this site.

How Canadian Knifemaker Forum Uses Cookies

Cookies allow the site to remember things about you, such as your site preferences and history. Cookies also allow you to visit the site without having to always log in (if you choose that option).

Third Party Cookies

Canadian Knifemaker Forum contains user generated content. Some content may include embedded media (e.g., videos or images) and hypertext links to other sites. Viewing those files or clicking those links may expose users to cookies from those sites. Users should consult the policies of those sites for more information.

Removing/Disabling Cookies

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